New Site!

We have a new site! Head on over to! The new site is still under construction, but enough of it is ready that we went ahead and moved. Next week I will set up a redirect so that if you go to this site, it will take you to the new one. All the … Continue reading

The Pizza Recipe

Someone asked for the deep-dish pizza recipe from this morning’s post… I’m cutting and pasting it from an email to my sister a couple years ago, with a few minor edits:
Annie, Here’s my deep-dish pizza recipe. You realize when you ask ME for a recipe, you’ll get lots of details! The crust recipe I … Read more

A Big Slice of Love

For Valentine’s Day, I was planning to make dainty, heart-shaped, pink-frosted sugar cookies and photograph them. It was for the blog… but wouldn’t my own dear valentine be perfectly delighted, too? I had a timely reminder this week, though, that the man I married is the type who will always prefer meat lover’s over milk … Continue reading

Organization Inspiration

Last week I took the older three to their regular gymnastics class. The other moms there – really wonderful people – are very generous to me in providing mommy advice! I’ve wondered if it had to do with my son arriving in mismatched socks… One of the tips this time (solicited advice, to be fair … Continue reading

The Winter Gardener

I’m moody today. Perhaps not the best way to start a blog, but I’m just coming from a January weekend with temperatures in the high sixties. It’s now Monday, there is a layer of ice on everything, and the forecast says that by Wednesday, the temperature will be negative five (and no, that’s not the wind chill). Welcome to Kansas weather and the roller-coaster of being a Kansas gardener… Read more

Embracing January: Bear Hunting

Last Thursday, my younger sister called for mutual motivation to get our houses clean. We enthusiastically made our lists (I ignored the fact that I have four children under age four, which often renders list-making a ridiculous exercise), and we started wrapping up the phone call. I haven’t been so pumped up to scrub bathrooms … Continue reading

Surviving January: Beach Getaway!

Welcome to our Beach in January! Come plant your feet in the sand… kick back with a piña colada… (er, popsicle)… and relax in our castle in the sun! I was so grateful last week for every comment from people who cheered me up, cracked me up, and couldn’t stop short of showing me up! … Continue reading

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